Hi Everyone,
Thanks to all who came to the stunning gig at Earls on the 21st and to see the welcome return of Chris Brown on drums following his brief (!) jaunt to Florida. As many will know Chris was originally in the band between 1995 and 2006 and provided the drums and backing vocals on the Belief album as well as being involved in the writing of a large proportion of One Man's Refuge. Chris headed off to Florida to run a dive centre but never lost touch with the band and it is a very great pleasure to have him back with us now that he has returned to the UK.
We are now writing new songs (2 were played at Earls) in preparation for the next album which we plan to release sometime this century!

The gig diary has now been updated to reflect a couple of date changes.

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Latest Review

One Man's Refuge

Primitive Instinct celebrated their
25th anniversary last year, and this
new album is their first since Belief
back in 2000. They have not been
entirely dormant during that time
though and the nucleus of the band
- Nick Sheridan on vocals and
guitar, Pic on bass - are now joined
by Graham McGarrick on drums
and Jonathan Vincent on keyboards.
One Man's Refuge is true to the
PI sound - expansive tracks full of
melody with a hint of prog, it truly
rekindles memories of the early 90' s
in its feel. Sheridan's vocals are the
focal point of most of the tracks, and
they are clear and tuneful. It's the
sort of album you'll keep humming
tracks from after you've listened to
it. Their pleasing sound draws from
the likes ofIt Bites, BjH, and the
early days of Hogarth era Marillion.
It may not be ground breaking but
it's got kind of stuck in the CD
player since it arrived, and I think
that says it all!
Primitive Instinct will be on our
stage at the Cambridge Rock
Festival this year. MB

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