Nick, Guitar, Keyboards and Lead Vocals

Nick, having finally reached the spritely age of 29 (!) looks back over the past 25 years with a strange sense of satisfaction. Who would have believed back in the mid 80's that this rather quirky band idea of his would still be going strong 25 years later! So Nick was here from the beggining, in fact he started it all by pulling P.I. together out of the dregs of the infamous Maidstone band Necromancer. And throughout these 25 years Nick has provided the band with clear the nearest Kebab shop!

Nick plays guitar, a bit of a strummer really and quite proud of the fact that he writes songs without the need for guitar solo's, well not many anyway, which is quite a novalty for a prog based outfit. He also plonks about on keyboards and filled the dual guitar and keyboard role between Andy Quinnell (original keys player left in 1997) and the truly excellent arrival of Jonathan Vincent in 2011 (now he really can play keys and pretty well anything else too!).

Outside of the band Nick loves repairing (and breaking) stuff, eating curry, watching films, music of all types except Rap and the Blues! and generally being an annoyance at his BBC day job! Oh and of course KEBAB's which is what it is all about really!

Gear (lot's of it!)


Godin XTSA, LGXT and LGX, Washburn Hawk, Falcon and Eagle (in a very poor
state of repair!) Sheridan A200, Tanglewood Pioneer 2. Takamine and
Susuki acoustic 6 strings and a B&M acoustic 12 string.

Amps and effects

Art SGX2000 tube pre amp/effects (X2), Art X15 controller, Vox Tonelab
LE, Boss RC300 Loopstation, Roland VG88, all running through a NPS
XFL400 amp and 4 Hughes and Kettner cabs.


Roland JV80, JV2080, Emu Proteus 1, Emu ESI 2000 sampler, Roland MC50 Mk
2 sequencer